Monday, October 24, 2011

Celebrity Skin

Ever wonder how the fabulous women of hollywood always happen to look so fresh faced and glowing on the red carpet? Well it isn't by chance, and has put together a list of tips and tricks that will help all of us achieve the radiant glow all year long. 

Here are a few of the tips we love. See the complete list here

Bronze Powder: 

Apply over fresh moisturizer and even out with your hands. 

Allure recommends: L'oreal Glam Bronze Powder

Try not to use anything too harsh, and an easy home recipe is to mix a half a cup of olive oil with a cup of sugar and rub in circular motions right after a shower.

Allure recommends: Brown Sugar Body Polish, by Fresh

Body Oil:

Oil can add a beautiful sheen to your skin, but can be very messy, easily over applied and can get on clothing. Try an oil infused body balm instead.

Allure recommends: Bathina, by Benifit


Apply a body illuminator that has a soft iridescence, not glitter.

Allure recommends: Guerlain Terracotta Huile du voyageur nourishing dry oil tan intensifier


Highlighting the right parts of the body, just like the face, add a great subtle effect. Apply to Collarbone, Shoulders, shins, tops of thighs, and forearms.

Allure recommends: Mally Beauty Perfect Prep Body Slimmer