Monday, October 3, 2011

Beauty's Top 10

This month Glamour Magazine is featuring a beauty special: Top 10 Everythings of Beauty. A fantastic ten page guide with all of the tips, tricks, products and practices to refine your makeup/skincare routine!

Here are a couple of our favorite lists:

Top 10 Ways To Wake Up Prettier:

1. Braid wet hair and wake up with gorgeous waves.
2. Use Frownies Facial Patches. Reduce facial movement during sleep to reduce creasing in skin
3. Moisturize
4. Flip hair upside down and pull into a high pony using a scrunchie to protect your blow out
5. Use essential oils like rose oil and jojoba on your face
6.  Use primer over skincare products. It will help the products to sink in
7. Apply a hair mask
8. Use an electronic complexion brush
9. Self Tanner to keep your glow all winter long
10. Sleep on a satin pillow case for smoother hair

Top 10 Beauty Investments:

1. Dolce and Gabbana perfect finish creamy foundation for flawless coverage and texture
2. The perfect red lipstick. Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color in Crimson Noir
3. YSL eyeshadow in number 11 Midnight Garden. Great options to add a pop of color in fall
4. Mason Pearson Popular Mix Bristle Brush
5. Guerlain liquid eyeliner
6. Prada Candy eau de parfum (we also love Chloe, by Chloe)
7. Bobbi Brown 20th anniversary lip palette. 20 different shades in one compact
8. Cle de Peau eye contour cream. Pricy, but fantastic line softener
9. Chanel nail polish. Every color is great, but we are loving the neutral tone of Quartz
10. Philip B. Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo to liven up your locks

YSL eyeshadow in Midnight Garden