Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hera Necklace

Creativity at it's best. That may be the best way to describe the latest treasure available at House of Lavande. The Hera necklace is a collaboration between two women with a passion for all things beautiful. Tracy Smith of House of Lavande and Jordann Weingartner of Jordann Jewelry began chatting and sharing ideas over a sketch on a cocktail napkin, and days later, Hera was born. 
Every aspect of the necklace offers inspiration and meaning.  Beginning with the name, Hera. The Greek goddess of women and marriage, Hera was also the wife of Zeus. The locket in the center is inspired by a vintage House of Lavande locket and is engraved with peacock feathers. Symbolizing the sacred animal of Hera, the twelve amethyst stones represent the watchful eyes of her and the peacock. 
The Magnolia, a representation of beauty, determination and passion is the symbol of Jordann Jewelry. Taken from inspirations in Jordann's life that helped her to always succeed, the magnolia represents the excellence that every woman strives for in their social, personal and business lives. Her mother's love of flowers and her fathers favorite word, perseverance are the meaningful elements that went into the design of the beautiful flower.
 The personalization that the necklace offers ensures a special meaning for the receiver, the giver and anyone who may hold a deeper meaning to the wearer. Engraved on the back is a mantra shared by both Tracy and Jordann. "Embrace Your Dignity, Persevere...Protect, Love and Nurture Your True Beauty". Words every woman can appreciate. There is also a place for engraving on the front of the locket and two places for pictures on the inside of the locket. 
We hope you find as much inspiration and love in wearing this piece as we have found in creating it!