Friday, November 19, 2010

Boutiques For All

When you think of Google, you undoubtedly think of things like creativity, search engine mecca, and a company famously known for innovation. What I'm sure you don't typically think of is FASHION. Well my friends, that is about to change.

Last week Google launched it's newest site for all of us to obsess over. The best way to describe this goodness is a hybrid version of, and singer22. A place where you can gather inspiration, styling tips, create your own 'boutiques' and best of all SHOP!

Categorized by celebrity, designer, blogger, retailer, trend, style genre, etc... there is virtually hundreds of ways to find what you are looking for and even more ways to get there through the avenue which inspires you most. So go explore and try not to waste the rest of your day while doing it!