Monday, November 29, 2010

The Look

The holidays are officially upon us and the social season has kicked into full gear. With all the parties, galas, cocktail soirees and social gatherings to attend, its difficult to achieve a different look for every occasion. So in today's segment of The Look, we show you how easy it can be done by styling 5 different jewelry looks with 1 go-to black dress.

Option 1
Layer Up: select 3 necklaces that vary in length but share the same stone or colorway to achieve a perfect layered look. All 3 of these necklaces feature gold and either a pearl or round bead. For a more simple effect, just select one necklace and add an embellished clutch.

Option 2
Bold beads: a statement beaded necklace is a simple adornment that adds major impact to any evening look. The pale purple and pink color combo is an unexpected and fun alternative to a traditional pearl or metallic look. For additional bling add a bracelet or 2, keeping within the same colorway as the statement necklace.

Option 3
Neck-Less: not feeling a bold necklace for a night out, opt for jeweled statement earrings that play off your bracelets of choice. These stunners are perfect for any occasion. 

Option 4
1920's inspired: play up the flapper within you with a fun beaded tassel necklace. You can tie this bauble at various lengths to give you multiple looks in one. For an additional accent add a bracelet that features the same duo tone as the beaded necklace. Silver or gold accessories work well with this look which makes its a definite go-to for more then 1 occasion.

Option 5
Wrist play: we love to double up bracelets or even play up both wrists with a bracelet each. Have fun adding and subtracting different jewelry pieces to create different looks for any occasion. The simple addition of any adornment can switch up your look instantly.