Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Luxe List: Daisy Shaw, Allure Magazine

On this week's Luxe list we had the pleasure of chatting with the  fabulous Associate Accessory Editor at Allure, Daisy Shaw. Daisy is a regular at HOL, always on the lookout for the next amazing piece to grace the pages of Allure. She has shared with us some of her favorite items for the upcoming seasons, and everyday staples that she can't live without. 

* Jil Sander shoe, Fall 2012- ''Raf Simon's latest collection for Jil Sander was fantastic- the billoy coats, the powdery pink- these shoes are some of my favorite of the season: the perfect mix of edgy, sporty, and super femme."

* The French Riviera- ''I've been going almost every summer since I was a child. It's my happy place- so beautiful, so relaxed, and such delicious Rosé!"

* YSL look 18, Fall 2012- ''Black leather is huge for Fall and every woman should have at least one piece, in my opinion. I love this YSL look, it's sexy and super chic"

* Jonathan Adler needlepoint pillows,  Union Jack- "I'm a born and bred Brit and this is my token piece that reminds me of home. All of his needlepoints are fabulous, and add fun to every room."

* Chanel backpack Fall 2012- "The backpack is back and I just love this mini one in classic Chanel tweed. It's great for day to night and adorable. 

* Michael Kors Resort 2013 embellished cuffs and barrel clutch- "These are like little treasures for your wrists and hands- perfect for glitzy parties or cocktails."

* Clarisonic skincare brush + La Prairie Cellular Resurfacing Cream- 'These are my two beauty must haves- great skin compliments any look."

* House of Lavande gold door knocker earrings- "We shot these for the April issue. I die for these, they are total siren material."