Thursday, May 3, 2012

HOL STYLE TIPS: Veronika Borchers

WHO: Veronika Borchers, Veronika Borchers Public Relations
The fabulous fashionista behind the VIP/Celebrity public relations for House of Lavande. Based in New York, Veronika is always on the move working with top celebrity stylists + trendsetters dressing the stars.

"I love pairing a bold necklace with a casual tee, for a high-low vibe. Adding a contrasting lip color gives the look a fresh, unexpected feel."

"Color-blocking is my remedy for rainy days or sleep deprivation. It's an instant fix!"

"Another go-to is layering: I like to either go over the top with several chunky pieces, or instead wear a few delicate necklaces messily intertwined."

Veronika layering up on House of Lavande Vintage necklaces

For an additional glimpse inside Veronika's fashionable world, follow her on twitter @veronika1only