Monday, May 28, 2012

Board of the Week: Home Decor

This week's details: Pinterest is a great place to gather your favorite photos for just about anything. We've really grown to love all the home decor ideas that we have found on Pinterest so we decided that this week's theme should be: Favorite Home Decor Ideas.

Your inspiration photos can be of anything from full room photos to little details in a room. Or any photo that you love that has to do with Home Decor! 

When you find that special photo(s) you want to add to our Board of the Week, 
email your images to: 
Please make sure to include your name and the source of the photo. We won't be able to pin your photo unless you include an image source, so please be sure to include that info. You have until Friday morning to send us your photos.

We've added some photographs to help inspire your inner interior designer:

Photos: One, Two, Three, Four