Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spotlight On: Melanie Fascitelli

This week we had the pleasure of catching up with our favorite go-to girl for stylish organization, Melanie Fascitelli, the president and creative director of Clos-ette and Clos-ette too. You could easily say Melanie has a dream job; doing what she loves with everyone from celebrities to friends, all trusting her keen eye to take one of the most coveted and private spaces in their home to the next level. We've asked Melanie a few questions for a peek inside what inspires her, what she's loving for Spring and of course tips on sprucing up you own closet!

HOL: Can you tell us the main differences between your closet in New York, and your closet in Palm Beach?

MF: New York is a very small walk-in, and I utilize every inch of space, shoes are not only on shoe shelves, but also along the floor, below my hanging. I also use hardware on shallow wall space and hang bags and belts.  It is a totally different use of space, since I use every inch! In Palm Beach we currently rent season to season but in every house I've had, my master closet is always bigger than the one in NYC!

HOL: If you could share one tip on keeping your closet organized, what would it be?

MF: Use all of the same hanger. It's the easiest way to organize and clean up your closet in one swoop. Try the signature hangers. I prefer the neutral colors, but a lot of our Palm Beach clients prefer the pink and green!

HOL: What inspired you to start clos-ette?

MF: I love fashion, fell in love with interior architecture, and I've always been an organizing freak. It melds all of the things I love!

HOL:  Who is someone who's style you love, and closet you have already done?

MF: I love Beyonce's style, we worked on her closet for Jay-Z before they were married.  

HOL: Who is your dream client?

MF: Aerin Lauder and Sienna Miller because I love their style, and Anna Wintour because that closet must have some of the best gems in the world...

HOL: What are three of your must have pieces?

MF: Reed Krakoff coss body bag, a great pair of aperlai platforms in their spring colors and a great dress by Vanessa Brunro

HOL: What is something  you are coveting for spring?

MF: A white medium sized Botegga Veneta luggage bag, a yellow YSL dress and vintage jewels from House of Lavande of course!