Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spotlight On: Bettina Anderson

This week, we had a few minutes to catch up with one of our favorite locals, Ms. Bettina Anderson! Always on the move, and often in HOL, you never really know where you will see Bettina next. This week though, you can catch her as one of the Signorina girls over on Ferragamo's Girls About Town blog! Updated daily, we couldn't be more excited to check out some of Ms. Anderson's favorite things! 

Speaking of favorites, and always always loving a good laugh, we wanted to share a few of our favorite tweets from Bettina's twitter! "My twitter is a collection of randomness and sarcasm. Basically things people think and don't say...Or do say and then I tweet! If I see a joke lined up, I will always take it just for the sake of a laugh! It's all lighthearted and in good (well sometimes maybe not) humor! Live, Love and LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH!"

No Matter how many college degrees you have, there's a little British kid somewhere that sounds waaay smarter than you when they speak...

I can be up bright or early, pick one

Tried explaining twitter to my mom but her "why would you want to do that" argument was pretty bulletproof

I was trying to get on this website and it said "cookies required to operate".. Me too, website, me too..#cookies#mmm

Words with friends would be more accurate if it was called scrabble with a bunch of cheaters

Whenever I hand some1 my phone 2 take a picture they act like I'm asking them to pilot an alien spaceship. Just point & hit the button that looks like a camera!


I never understood why there was a luggage store at the airport. How late do you have to be for a flight where youre just like "Fu*ck it, just throw your stuff in the car and we'll get a bag at the airport!"

Dear life, when I asked if things could get any was a rhetorical question...not a challenge ;)

After watching MTV cribs, I no longer feel badly about downloading music illegally. No one needs a diamond frisbee. 
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