Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Much like the rest of the world, we have become completely obsessed with Pinterest over the past few months. Fun recipes, inspiring styles, and one of our favorite parts- the do it yourself projects have us totally hooked! Here are a couple of project that we can't wait to try! 

Transparency Wall Art

What you will need:
A canvas (or several) in sizes of your choosing
Gel Medium
Overhead transparency paper
A spoon, or bone folder

Select a few of your favorite photos and in a photo editing program, raise the saturation to create a large contrast. Print the photo onto overhead transparency paper. 

Cover the surface of your canvas with a thin coat of gel medium. 

Place the transparency ink-side down onto the gel medium and smooth out any air bubbles using a spoon, or a bone folder. You can also flip the canvas over and rub it from the underside. 

Lift a corner to see if the image has transferred, and if it has, remove the film completely to reveal your artsy, canvas prints!

Paper Cube String Lights

What you will need:
A string of 20 lights (use LED lights if a fire hazard is a concern) 
20 pieces of square paper. 

Fold each piece of square paper into 20 cubes using the directions below, and put the light through the hole at the bottom of the cube, and voila! 

Courtesy of

Homemade Candles
Courtesy of Georgicapond

What you will need:
Vintage teacups, or anything you like that can withstand the heat of molten wax 
Old, used candles from around the house. Try and combine colors and scents that will look and smell nice once they are all melted together. 
Store bought wicks
Bamboo sticks

First you should prepare your wick inside your cups. Tie the wick to a bamboo stick so the metal part is at the bottom of the cup, and the wick is straight. Balance in the center using the bamboo stick. 

Melt your candles down in a double boiler and pour the melted wax into the cups around the wick. Let harden and enjoy your old candles all over again!