Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cultural Delights

We always love to share the music, art and creative things that people are doing that we think are worth checking out, so here are a few that we a currently loving!
Steve Martin, Shakespeare in the Park
This Summer, Shakespeare's  "As You Like It" will be presented during Shakespeare in the Park at the Delacorte Theater from June 5th to June 30th. Why are we telling you this under a picture of Steve Martin playing a banjo you ask? Because this summer's show relocates As You Like It's heroine Rosalind and her Forest of Arden to America in the 1840's, where bluegrass and folk music perfectly define the time. Steve Martin, who is an accomplished banjo player and has recorded two albums with Steep Canyon Rangers, has composed all of the original music for the show, which will be played by a live bluegrass band during the performances! 

This California based sisterly trio's love of music began at a very young age. Growing up with a singing and guitar playing mother, and a drumming father who started a family band when the girls were in middle school, playing local fairs and charity events. A love for classic rock and old school Americana has developed into an eclectic mix of nineties R&B, Old-school Rock, and nu-folk that is the girls' debut EP Forever. Which is available for a free download on their website.

Cindy Sherman
Recognized as one of the most important and influential artists in contemporary art, Cindy Sherman is a shape shifter in more ways than one. Not only has she donned hundreds of different personas over her 30 year career, she very often serves as her own photographer, model, makeup artist, hairdresser, stylist and wardrobe consultant. Right now at the MOMA a retrospective of her work is on display until June 11th. Showing over 170 photographs, the exhibition highlights Sherman's key series from the mid 70's to the present. Make sure to check it out if you are in NYC!