Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Food For Life

Continuing on with our list of Super foods from last week, today we are talking about Blueberries, Lentils and Blackstrap Molasses. All delicious ingredients that can very easily be worked into meals you are already making!


These little guys pack a serious punch in the nutrition arena. In just one serving you can get 25% of your daily Vitamin C requirement. We all know how Vitamin C promotes a healthy immune system, but it also promotes healthy gums and capillaries as well. Next on the list is Dietary fiber, something that is very important for all of us to incorporate into our diets, wether you are vegan vegetarian or a meat eater. A hand full of blueberries will keep you regular, your heart healthy and your cholesterol down. And lastly, and possibly most important on the list is the levels of antioxidants in blueberries. Being one of the most antioxidant rich foods out there, these guys are fantastic for neutralizing free radicals which cause cancer, cardiovascular disease and most age related diseases such as alzheimer's. So a handful or two a day will do your body good!


Packed with protein, folate, magnesium, two B vitamins, and tons of fiber, lentils are great for keeping your heart healthy and are fantastic if you are deficient of magnesium. Great for diabetics as well, they help regulate blood sugar levels while providing a steady, slow release of energy. Also, with a low glycemic index, lentils are great if you are trying to lose weight, since they will help you feel fuller for longer. 

Blackstrap Molasses

This could be our favorite on the list this week. Blackstrap Molasses one type of molasses that is left over from the process of refining sugarcane into table sugar. This is a sweetener that is actually good for you! Blackstrap has been proven to increase iron and calcium levels and has loads of copper, manganese, potassium and magnesium. All extremely essential minerals that most of us need more of, this could be a sweet way to get them! Not to mention, People have actually seen a decrease in grey hairs due to the high levels of copper that the molasses contains!