Friday, November 4, 2011

Changing The Game

Marie Claire's list of 16 women under 40 who are changing the face of their industries (and really, the world) has just come out in the November issue!  We have taken note of three women from that list, highlighted their accomplishments and ideas that are changing the lives of others across the globe. Be sure to read through the entire list, you will walk away feeling inspired and motivated by these incredible women.

Leila Chirayath, 28, founder , Samasource

Sama, which means "equal" in Sanskrit brings data entry, computer based work to poverty stricken parts of the world. Helping women, children and refugees, Samasource is a non profit company that allows people to learn, and work via the internet, all while being monitored and driven by teams all over the world.  

Julie Hu, 26, founder and CEO, Lark

We have all been there- Those mornings when all you want to do is sleep, and your significant other's alarm is blaring at some horrible hour. Well Julia Hu was having that issue on a very regular basis, so she created a solution. A silent alarm clock! A wristband that syncs with your Iphone and vibrates! 

Solely dedicated to to assisting Human Trafficking, Carr's clinic is the only of it's kind. Mainly helping women and children forced into labor of all kinds in the U.S. she is a direct contact for the National Human Trafficking Center, so when a case comes up, Bridgette's cll phone rings. The issue of human trafficking is terrifying and very real, and something we should all be aware of since it is happening in our own backyard. 

Check out this article from CNN for more information on Bridgette and human trafficking in the U.S.