Thursday, November 3, 2011

Beautifully Inspired

We are always on the lookout for things that inspire us here at House of Lavande, and as we have mentioned before, one of our go-to destinations for all things beautiful is Anthropologie. A catalog team has recently returned from a trip to  Southeastern Peru, where they captured absolutely stunning images of the land, the people, and the towns. All of these images are featured in the just released November catalog (you can See an online version of the catalog here.) Bright colors, beautiful scenery and the creative touch that only Anthro can provide make this another inspiration filled catalog for all of us to enjoy.

Women of this region in Peru wear colorful woven skirts with petticoat underneath. Almost always paired with a wool sweater and a hat, you can often tell what region a woman is from by the type of hat she is wearing. 

Sunshine through the mountains

The Islands of Los Uros in Lake Titicaca. Islands that are made of reeds by people who preceeded the Incas. The current residents maintain the islands by constantly piling on additional reeds. 

Fall color inspiration

Up close with treasure at the Pisac market

Islands and boats made of reeds, and bright beautiful colors

Cover shot location

More inspiring fall colors from the Pisac market