Friday, January 28, 2011


The internet is buzzing about all of the new and exciting things coming from Park City Utah this past week at the Sundance Film Festival. Two movies in particular that we can't wait for are Martha Marcy May Marlene starring Elizabeth Olsen and Howl, starring James Franco and Mary Louise Parker.

Martha Marcy May Marlene,  directed by Sean Durkin, is the follow up to last year's Cannes award winning short Mary Last Seen. A film that tells a gripping and intense story, as main character Martha has escaped from an abusive cult where she was forced to live as Marcy May. As she tries to transition into upper-middle class America when moving in with her sister, her paranoia grows, and she becomes more and more secluded and ultimately ends up in a complete state of panic from fear she is being hunted by the cult she has escaped. It is being said by critics across the board that this is Elizabeth Olsen's breakout role. She commands the screen and gives a truly stunning performance. This is sure to be a great one.

Howl, directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman. Based in 1957 James Franco stars as a young Alan Ginsberg as his American Masterpiece "Howl" is put on trial. The movie is told from three interwoven threads- the life events that form Alan as an artist, societies reaction to the 1957 obscenity trial, and animation that reflects the poems surreal style. The film touches on topics in Alan's life such as falling in love, his mother's mental illness and finding his voice as an artist, all set to the backdrop of America transforming into the nation it has become, and in some cases is still becoming.