Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer SOULstice

It's the time of year where the weather is warm, and nights of summertime relaxation are in order. This Thursday night here in Palm Beach, at the Norton Museum of Art hosts the annual Summer SOULstice  celebration. A night full of music, art, food, and activities including some of the top live musical acts of the palm beaches, the opening of the photo exhibition Clubs, Joints, and Honkey-Tonks: Photographers experience the music scene, a live drum circle, and much more!

Theater Stage 
8pm: Suenalo

Maze Garden Stage
5pm: Drum Circle and Belly Dance performance
6pm: Ladies & Gentleman
7:30pm: Max Dubose
8:15pm: Fire Dance Performance
8:30pm: Damon Fowler

5:30pm: Stars of the Future
Nichole Blake- 19 years old Country/ Pop artist 
Taylor Renee- 16 years old- Pop/ Country/ R&B
Lexi Luca- 15 years old Pop/ Country/ R&B
Jade Evori Master- 11 years old Pop/ Country/ R&B/ Broadway/ Gospel
Sivan Ben David- 9 years old Pop/ R&B/ Broadway

7:30pm: Steel Drum lesson for kids
9pm: Silent Disco, DJ Rumble 

Various Acoustic artists 
DJ Tony

Tours & DIY Art
5:30pm: Tour- Music in Art
6-7:30pm: DIY art activity- Huichol Yarn Art Suns
6-8pm: Sketchbook Thursday