Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Few Things

It's That time once again friends! A few things that we are loving, that we just cannot keep to ourselves...

Lykke Li, I Follow Rivers. This is her second single from the album 'Wounded Rhymes'. If we could turn it off, we would. 

Remember Shel Silverstein? All of his books are some of our most treasured from childhood. Unfortunately Shel passed away in 1999, but his family is releasing a book of unpublished works titled 'Everything On It'. Can't wait!

Jessica Chastain wearing House of Lavande earrings to the UK premiere of 'The Debt'. She is one of Hollywoods biggest up and coming actresses right now, and we just adore her in HOL!

Mrs. Obama in a House of Lavande belt. To be honest, this isn't even our favorite part about this. Michelle's dress is actually the same Maria Pinto dress she wore back in 2008. A quick hem adjustment and new accessories, and you have an entirely new look. Here's to recycling the wardrobe, Mrs. O!

House of Lavande on Polyvore! That's right fashionistas, we are jumping into the middle of the collaging/styling action. Come on over and join us in getting creative and finding new inspiration!