Thursday, February 3, 2011


Some of you may already be aware, but for those of you who aren't, we'd like to share one of the greatest sites for fashion around. It's A creative site where you can explore, create, shop, and collect style advice from people all over the country. This site is perfect for everyone across the fashion spectrum, from novice to full on fashion expert, there is something that everyone can take away from going to the site.

Some of the features that make the site so wonderful are the current brands and products that people are loving, hot trends of the moment, style advice, the shop and of course the search bar. In this fantastic search bar you can enter anything that may come to mind that you want to base your outfit on, and pages and pages of related products will appear. Click on anything that is similar to what you have in mind, or maybe already own, and once you click on 'see related looks and items' there will be beautiful collages that you can easily get lost in while finding inspiration and ideas of your own.

Our favorite feature though, has to be the style advice option. If you have a certain item that you are stuck on, or just might need a little something extra that you can't come up with, upload it and send it into style advice and within minutes you will have suggestions in your inbox from fashionable people from all over the globe! Not a bad way to get some style ideas! While you're at it, keep uploading from your own closet, and from online to create looks and collages that you can create, share and constantly draw from while getting dressed.