Tuesday, February 15, 2011

History Repeating

Just in time for our House of Lavande's Vintage Chanel trunk show this weekend, we are featuring a look into the jewelry designs of Mme. Coco Chanel. One of the first introductions the world had to Chanel jewelry was in 1924. CoCo showed a brooch worn on her trademark baret, and it instantly became part of the Chanel look. Fast Forward to 1934 when Chanel first introduced the combination of wearing multi colored stones, chains, and pearls with everyday sportswear. 
There have been several people who have influenced, and designed for the Chanel jewelry line, one of the most notable of these would be Paul Irbe, who had both a personal and professional relationship with CoCo. His use of large stones, proportion and a highly decorative approach using novelty and variety became cornerstones in the look of Chanel jewelry. 
Another major design partner of the 1930's was Fulco Di Verdura. He introduced the Maltese cross, one of Chanel's most iconic symbols in their jewelry. The use of massive stones and thick enamel in his designs also became popular, and remains so today. 
In 1960 Robert Goossens became the chief designer for Chanel and his designs included the classic rosary style necklaces, long chains, beads and pearls. His designs were massive photogenic pieces made from silver, bronze, molten glass and Swarovski crystals. 
And last but certainly never least, is Gripoix for Chanel. Known for their use of venetian glass beads, and settings formed around the glass, instead of on a base gave the jewelry a beautiful translucent quality. Mme. Gripoix worked with Chanel for many years, all the way into her nineties. Gripoix for Chanel pieces are considered to be some of the most important and collectible pieces of the Chanel jewelry collection.

This weekend if you are in Palm Beach, come by the store for the Vintage Chanel trunk show. Beginning Thursday night and running through Sunday. Call or email us for more details!