Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hair Trends: 2013

This year the hair trends are all about texture and braiding. Two things that are easily done with just a little bit of practice. Try some of these styles out for change from the daily hair routine!

1. Braided updo: Texture and hanging pieces around the face are key parts of this style
2. Voluminous straight hair: Back comb hair on each side of the part for extra volume
3. Rounded bangs: blow-dry with a round brush for the perfect fringe
4. Hairline braid: Braided and tucked behind the ear. Topped off with waves for a boho look
5. Hidden braid: An unexpected detail to a straight hairstyle 
6. Messy bun + headband: Textured hair and a headband set 2 inches from hairline give this look a messy yet put together edge.
7. Braided Chignon: Inside our french braid tucked inside a textured chignon is perfect for a special night out