Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Iconic Woman Of Style: Ali MacGraw

There are a handful of women from the 60's and 70's that still have a major influence on fashion today, and Ali MacGraw is definitely one of them. Fusing classic prep with boho flare is the signature Ali look. She is most well known for her roles in "Goodbye, Columbus" which won her a Golden Globe as well as "Love Story" which gained her a best actress nomination. Ali began practicing Hatha yoga at age 50, and is credited for bringing popularity to the practice through her video Ali MacGraw Yoga Mind and Body which she recorded with yoga master Erich Shiffman. Ali's classic style still inspires us today, and will for years to come. 
Pair classic preppy basics, with an interesting vintage piece, that will add a personal touch to your outfit. This can be a hat, scarf, or belt in an unexpected pattern or color. 

Vintage jewelry is key to achieving the 1970's effortlessly glam look. Ali opted for the choker necklace, and sometimes layered with a longer pendant as well. Pieces in silver or gold are easy additions. 

And last but certainly not least is taking care of our health and body. Practicing yoga and healthy eating  will ensure a healthy glow from the inside out!
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