Thursday, January 5, 2012

Better Each Day

Today Self Magazine is spotlighting a fantastic book that all of us can surely benefit from this coming year. Better Each Day, by Jessica Cassity rounds up tips and advice for making your days, happier, healthier, less stressful and worry free. In her research Jessica determined that often times the smallest changes had the biggest impact. Taking the stairs, adding great music to your day, or slightly modifying your diet, are all things we can easily do to make our days better!

These are five tips taken from the book to get you started:

#55 Good Music:
Listening to music you love is proven to reduce anxiety, lift your mood and help you cope with stressful situations. (We would also like to add that a nice loud sing along makes it that much better. Only if the situation is appropriate, of course) 

#123 Go Outside
We are all guilty of it- getting so caught up in our daily routine, we forget sometimes that the outdoors exist. It's amazing how relaxing a walk around the block after work is for your mind, or even just stepping outside for a moment during the day to clear your head and breathe can make your day much better.

#109 Get a Massage 
This can sometimes be a costly stress reliever, but as Jessica recommends, you can always recruit friends and family to do the job. But don't forget to return the favor, giving a massage has actually been proven to deliver some of the same benefits as receiving one!

#292 Gossip (sort of)
Researchers from Staffordshire University have proven that praising or speaking positively about someone who isn't around actually boots your mood! Keep the positivity flowing!

#305 Sleep well with beautiful smells
Getting at least 7 hours is vital in weight loss, and it has been shown that people who get less tend to consume more calories each day. Also, make sure you have pleasant smells around you while you sleep. They directly effect your quality of sleep and your dreams, so grab some fresh flowers for your bedside table asap!