Monday, December 6, 2010

The Look

Brooches are making a chic comeback. These decorative pins can be worn so many different ways and make for the perfect gift come holiday season. When styling, the key is to keep your look feeling modern. Have fun grouping small brooches together and pinning them to sweaters, cardigans and blazers for an instant small touch of glitz. Add decorative accents with brooches pinned to a simple black cocktail dress in unexpected ways. And you can even add a small brooch to the hair for a special evening out or wedding.

Option 1: the little black dress 2 ways
For an evening out, add a touch of glitz by pinning a brooch to a little black dress in unexpected ways. Here we took 2 separate brooches and pinned them in 2 different places on the same dress to show you how 2 looks can be achieved with 2 simple adornments. The first style shows a brooch pinned on a large bow tied to the front side of the dress. The second option has the black bow tied in the back and a brooch pinned to the center front.