Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sophia Coppola's Top Hotels

Stylesetter and filmmaker Sophia Coppola is at it again with her latest flick Somewhere, landing back in LA at the oh-so-chic hotel Chateau Marmont. Nowness.com recently sat down with the director and Marc Jacobs muse for a behind the scenes peek of her latest film, and an exclusive feature of Coppola's Suite Dreams, her picks of the top hotels in the world. Knowing her endless vision of great taste, we can guarantee that this is one list you'll want to hang onto and use as a go-to resource for future travels.

Here's a little taste on where Sophia likes to stay when traveling the world. Visit nowness.com for the complete list.

The Ritz, Paris
Bonafide “old Paris” elegant glamour. “For ultimate spoiling.”
Park Hyatt, Tokyo
"For sentimental reasons, and the view over Tokyo at night.” (The hotel was the setting of Lost in Translation). Don’t forget to catch jazz band Sausalito every night at nine in the New York bar.