Monday, March 22, 2010

Who's Lonny?

For all you past devoted fans of the much missed Domino shelter magazine, there's a new game in town, or the web that is, and her name is Lonny. We love this newly created online magazine that follows a very similar format to the much adored and missed Domino, featuring interior design trends and highlighting stylish abodes with their equally stylish owners. And we especially love this month's current online issue which features trendsetter Kelly Wearstler and her recent revamp of LA's Avalon Hotel, as well as Ryan Korban, preferred interior designer to the young NY downtown chic social set. At just 25, Korban's love of the Elizabethan era mixed with a modern sensibility gives this young designer a very chic edge. We can imagine some of our very own HOL vintage jewelry pieces looking quite chic on an Edwardian vanity in one of Korban's interiors. To learn more about Korban and other stylish trendsetters, check out the latest issue of Lonny, and be sure to add it to your favorites. {}

 Ryan Korban featured in Lonny
We love his design tip on paint colors: {Use worn shades of paint color that look aged or stained, like one of his favorite colors, Elephant's Breath by Farrow and Ball}