Thursday, December 24, 2009

What’s a better way to celebrate the holidays then to commission one of fashion’s most eccentric creative forces to custom create one of the holiday’s most iconic stables. Well that’s exactly what the very classically luxe London hotel Claridge’s did this year when they asked Creative Director of Dior, Mr. John Galliano to interpret his idea of the original Christmas tree. And what they got was an avant-garde dose of what Galliano does best. Inspired by the hotel’s art deco style, the almost completely sparse tree echo’s the Far East with a bit of exotica mixed in. Comprised mostly of ghostly whites with small hints of tinted blue leaves, this tree’s main objet d’art is a snow leopard prowling the branches and a lone bird perched sky high. We here at HOL fully appreciate a twist on an original classic and this tree is certainly inspiring.

So whether your holiday style is classically chic or eccentrically exotic, we here at House of Lavande are wishing you a most wonderful holiday filled with peace, love and happiness.